Halcyon Stainless Steel backplate with cinch adaptor

July 22, 2014

Backmount Scuba


Twin Set with Halcyon Stainless Steel Backplate and cinch adaptor

 I purchased a halcyon stainless steel back plate with the cinch adaptor option. This back plate with harness combination is easily the best back plate I have dived in. It comes with pre-cut tank strap insertion points and comes together perfectly with my 32 lb OMS wing. What I like most about it is the relatively deep configuration of the back plate and the distance that it places the tank from my back and back of my head compared to my previous back plate. It’s stable and solid on my back in the water nestling the tank firmly. I’ll be clear though that halcyon probably did not design the plate to be set up with the tank lodged directly against it. So anybody reading this should consider this is my personal setup that i take responsibility for. You’ll need to consider the manufacturers intent and your own personal circumstances to determine what set up works best for you ( disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer).The cinch adaptor is great. It means that I do not need to adjust the rig when I have differing thickness in wet suits on.  Its easy to get into and out of in the water, or on a cramped dive boat. I can even adjust it while underwater if it’s too snug or loose. Quality is fantastic. The 2 inch one piece webbing is tough, holding its shape well after 50 dives. I’ve dived the plate with both singles and doubles ( OMS 100 lb wing for doubles) and the cinch work equally well with doubles as it does with singles. It’ll be interesting to see how the cinch works if the integrity of the webbing is compromised over time but right now I can’t see that happening. The only gripe I had with my previous back plate harness was getting in and out. That is a thing of the past with my new kit.  As with anything this is just my opinion and it may not suit your diving needs so make your own assessment considering the manufacturers recommendations.

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